Energy Internet is a new energy ecosystem with better interconnection, openness and flexibility, aiming to accommodate deep-penetration clean energies, improve energy efficiency, and create a novel sharing economy to reduce the cost of energy assumption significantly.

This talk will focus on the energy management technique in Energy Internet, including the following topics:

  1. Integrated Energy Management System (IEMS) for multi-energy system;
  2. Modeling, security assessment and co-optimization of cyber-physical power systems;
  3. Coordinated analysis of power-traffic coupled system with deep-penetration of electrical vehicles.

On each topic, we will discuss the new challenges and key technologies.

The Lecturer

Dr. Qinglai Guo (B.Sc. ’00, Ph.D. ’05, both from Tsinghua University, Beijing, China) is currently a professor in Dept. of E.E., Tsinghua University. He is now an IET Fellow, IEEE senior member and a CIGRE member, and is involved in 5 workgroups of these two organizations. Now he is the TCPC of Energy Internet Coordinating Committee of IEEE PES, the co-chair of IEEE PES Work Group on “Energy Internet”, IEEE PES Task Force on “Cyber-Physical Interdependence for Power System Operation and Control”, and IEEE PES Task Force on “Voltage Control for Smart Grid”. He is an editorial member of “IEEE Transactions on Power Systems”, “Renewable & Sustainable Energy Reviews”, “IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid”, and other 5 international journals. In 2020, he was awarded the Special Prize of China Science & Technology Award for Young Scholars (only 10 winners every two years in China). His research interests include Energy Management System, Voltage Stability and Control, and Cyber-Physical System.