For the 2021 edition, the digitalized on-line form will be replicated. The School will be basically

held twice a week and will last for four weeks starting from mid-July 2021.

The third edition will involve primarily students from University of Bergamo, University of Naples,

Tsinghua University but will also open to students from other Italian and Chinese universities.

The attendance will be limited to a maximum number of 100 students.

As in last year’s edition. This CI-LAM Summer School 2021 is aimed at Master’s (final year) and

PhD students.

Each lecture will last 2 hours. After each lecture, researchers interested on the topic will have

the opportunity to discuss in a R&D matchmaking session about possible bilateral joint

research cooperation. The invited Research Groups to each matchmaking session will be in

equal number from China and Italian sides

At the end of the School the students will receive a “Certificate of Attendance”, issued by

CI-LAM with the endorsement of the three academic organizing institutions.

Call for application